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At Counterpoint Institute, our mission is to expose the truth about issues in national security, foreign policy, and our nation’s cultural foundations -- to educate Americans and drive public policy change. 

We advance conservative policies based on God-given, constitutionally guaranteed rights and the values and merits of national sovereignty, free market economies, and the cultural foundations of family, religious liberty, and the right to life. 

American Flags


Wise foreign policy that protects U.S. national security combines an "America First" agenda overseas with support for our allies, and a firm hand of deterrence for our adversaries. CIPRE does not support the current approach to the Russia-Ukraine war promoted by the D.C. War Machine, and instead urges the U.S. to lead in calling for immediate ceasefire and brokering a peace deal. 

CIPRE urgently advocates that "reestablishing lawful control of our borders is a first step toward protecting the American homeland and strengthening American sovereignty.” CIPRE President Dr. Shea Bradley-Farrell is a member of the Border Security Coalition of the Texas Public Policy Foundation and Counterpoint Institute is a member of the Heritage Foundation-led DC Border Security Coalition. Dr. Shea regularly visits the U.S.-Mexico border in order to conduct research and obtain the latest factual data impacting American communities.

While protecting America’s borders and interests first, CIPRE agrees that “prosperous, and friendly states enhance American security and boost U.S. economic opportunities." In keeping with this, CIPRE also advocates for the meaningful participation of women around the world in the economic and security sectors. In 2017, the U.S. National Security Strategy (NSS) recognized the importance of women’s full and equal participation -- in all areas of public of life -- as a critical element to societal stability, which in turn protects U.S. interest."  


Wise foreign policy also respects the sovereignty of legitimate nations, especially our allies. Counterpoint Institute firmly rejects using U.S. tax dollars to promote "progressivism" overseas such as the cultural acceptance of LGBT ideologies or access to abortion. This overreach of foreign aid undermines sovereignty and tramples on the religious freedom of foreign countries. 

CIPRE advances the priority that  America take the preeminent leadership position on the world stage to promote liberty, prosperity, God-given human rights and peaceful relations for all nations.  As President Ronald Reagan wisely reminded us, "If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth."

International Flags


American values, and our principles of treating people with human dignity, keeps us separate from totalitarian regimes and is an example to the world. “One of the most important ways in which the United States promotes human rights abroad is by serving as an example of a rights-respecting society where citizens live together under law amid the nation’s great religious, ethnic, and cultural heterogeneity.” (US Commission on Unalienable Rights, 2021) 

Understanding and remembering this distinction is an important part of being an American. Americans must stand guard against anyone advocating lawless, divisive, messages rooted in authoritarian or Marxist ideals. The future of the U.S. and the promotion of freedom, prosperity, and equality for all  depends upon it. 

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