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Dr. Shea joins Stacy Washington's

Stacy On The Right 

on SiriusXM Patriot Ch. 125

Every Wednesday Night at 10 PM ET

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Can We Do Better? Impact of 3rd GOP Debate & Recent Elections on U.S. 11-10-23
00:00 / 39:10

Which candidates show global leadership?  Why did Republicans lose recent elections? How can conservatives better message successful policies?  Life is a VICTORY for Human Rights, China's Force Projection with a Blue Water Navy, and If the US doesn't support Ukraine will we abandon Israel? & more! 

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Trump Indictments: America's Communist Psychological Warfare Today 7-26-23
00:00 / 38:03

"Trump indictments are reminiscent of Soviet Union Show Trials'" Dr Shea tells Stacy, “We are in a NEW Cold War right now between real freedom & democracy vs this communistic ideology coming from the Liberal Left. It’s a battle to control the minds of people…& the minds & bodies of our children.” 

Tucker Carlson 'annihilates' the Presidential Candidates 7-19-2023
00:00 / 43:27

Tucker's recent interviews revealed critical weaknesses in the top presidential candidates. Dr Shea and Stacy discuss, with a break down of who (if anyone) has the best plan to end the war in Ukraine. 

Ukraine: NATO Membership & Clusterbombs? 7-12-23
00:00 / 36:21

With Democracy and Diversity at the top of NATO requirements, how does Biden promise corrupt and Nazi-accepting Ukraine membership? Is it his family financial ties to Ukraine? Dr. Shea and Stacy give the facts.

There is Hope for America! Don't Grow Weary in Planting Good Seeds 7-6-2023
00:00 / 27:31

Dr Shea and Stacy celebrate four SCOTUS wins for the constitution! And the anniversary of the reversal of Roe V.  Wade, while conservatism grows around the world. There is HOPE for America! 

Biden Foreign Policy: Longterm goals or throwing darts in the dark? 6-28-23
00:00 / 32:20

Wagner group marches to Moscow & Blinken heads to China. Dr Shea discusses IF Biden has a sound foreign policy and contrasts it with Trump's policy .

US Foreign AID gives billions to abortion overseas 6-21-2023
00:00 / 18:06

Dr Shea explains how Biden revoked Trump policies protecting US taxpayers from funding abortion organizations overseas. Problem: 75% of Americans oppose this.  

Pride flags symbolize powerful political interests, not the will of the American people 6-14-23
00:00 / 25:05

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has authorized "Pride Flags" to be flown on U.S. embassies around the world, including the U.S. mission to The Holy See. But how do socially conservative countries around the world feel about it? 

Dr. Shea Reports from Central Europe: 6-9-23
00:00 / 44:49

Fear & rejection of communistic behaviour are waning in the Western World. Forced obedience and conformity, Marxist communism, is showing up in Western governments, education & social structures. Dr. Shea becomes the 1st International Senior Fellow for Center for Fundamental Rights in Budapest Hungary, & a featured speaker at CPAC Hungary 2023. 

Dr. Shea warns the U.S. must preserve Western Civilization 4-19-23 - Part 1
00:00 / 35:25
Dr. Shea warns the U.S. must preserve Western Civilization 4-19-23 Part 2
00:00 / 11:39

The rhetoric & actions of the Biden administration and our political and media elite are reminiscent of

'the Soviet era' in Eastern and Central European countries. This is a CLEAR WARNING to the U.S.

Dr. Shea explains how the Russia-Ukraine war is not in US interest-1-11-23
00:00 / 29:28

Over $130 Billion US taxpayer dollars to Ukraine while the US Southern Border remains wide open; Increasing the amount and lethality of weapons sent to Ukraine; Threat of Nuclear War; Ukraine isn't an EU or NATO ally. Does enabling this war make sense for the United States? 

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