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As a non-partisan policy, educational and research organization, Counterpoint Institute influences the most crucial issues of our day and actively shapes U.S. domestic and foreign policy at the highest levels of government—the White House, Capitol Hill, and the State Department, as well as within international organizations such as the United Nations. We accomplish this through research and writing, media, trainings, and informational or policy briefings.




Policy strategists, thought leaders, and partnerships, with an extensive expertise in women’s issues and policy.

Policy Strategists

As policy strategists, we give the White House, State Department, USUN Mission, other Executive Branch departments and agencies, and Capitol Hill the research, support, or training to effectively create and communicate an intelligent, informed, and compassionate stance on international issues and foreign policy.


We build partnerships with like-minded civil society organizations and foreign governments to support or guide them as they seek to uphold principles such as life, family, religious freedom, and national sovereignty.

Thought Leaders

As thought leaders, we educate the public, whether in the U.S. or overseas, to give them the tools to influence or change policy and social norms over time.

Expertise in Women’s Issues and Policy

With extensive expertise in women’s issues and policy, we promote the well-being and empowerment of women around the world from an informed and holistic perspective.

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